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National Ambulance Directly Connects its Communications Centre with MOI Intelligent Command Control Centre

Comprehensive upgrade to reduce response times and enhance the management of ambulance resources and cooperation across the MOI emergency sector

16 Oct 2018

16 October 2018: Today, National Ambulance has announced its Ambulance Communications Centre (ACC) and dispatch systems will be upgraded with the latest smart technology, including the direct electronic connection to the Intelligent Command Control Center (ICC) which links all the Ministry of Interior (MOI) partners across the emergency sector. The new software will allow for improved emergency call management, reduce response times to emergency situations and provide closer links with other emergency service providers. The announcement, made during GITEX 2018 exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center, is aimed at utilising the latest technology to enhance the service provided to the community in the Northern Emirates and comes in line with the country’s approach in adopting the latest technologies and smart solutions in service provision. 

Safe City Group, an advanced information centre which raises safety and emergency levels using smart technology, will carry out the comprehensive development and upgrade of the National Ambulance Communications Centre, including the connection with the MOI ICCC Call Management System, a direct electronic link with strategic partners across the UAE. The ACC will receive the latest generation of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), tailored to the emergency medical service’s needs, to provide a state-of-the-art information system for the management of calls, dispatch of ambulances and effective integrated work with emergency partners. The new system uses smart technology to address issues, such as working across services, mobilising resources and assessing which are the best assets to use when responding to a call from the public; be it ambulances, fast responders or helicopter assets. 

Eng. Hussein Al Harthi, Chairman of National Ambulance, said: “This initiative we are announcing at GITEX Technology Week, comes in line with the directives of the UAE leadership to improve emergency response rates by following the highest standards and utilising the latest technology. The use of smart technologies not only means we are better connected to the community, but also with our Ministry of Interior partners across the emergency sector, and supports our commitment to save more lives.”  

The new system will also enable National Ambulance to better integrate and coordinate with other emergency services through improved efficiencies, such as mobilising emergency resources, direct electronic connection with other frontline emergency service providers under the MOI, such as Civil Defense and Police. As a result, National Ambulance will be able to receive and send call information through the MOI ICCC Call Management System, where all strategic partners will be able to electronically communicate and respond to incidents and emergencies at the same time, thus enhancing the chances of saving more lives within the communities they serve across the UAE.  

Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, CEO of National Ambulance, said: “The upgrade of our Ambulance Communications Centre, implemented by Safe City Group, will improve the management of our emergency calls system and advances the intelligent allocation of resources according to priority, thereby enhancing our ambulance services, both in the Northern Emirates and across our other contracts, which is part of our ongoing investment to ensure we provide the best emergency medical service in the region.” 

Ali Al Omari, Safe City CEO, said: Safe City is proud to be the technology partner of National Ambulance. Our software is state-of-the-art-technology and we are honoured that it is supporting this vital service that saves lives and serves the public.”

National Ambulance provides emergency pre-hospital care in the Northern Emirates through the dedicated 998 emergency ambulance number and smart application. Its primary task is to handle public medical emergency response and provide high standards of emergency pre-hospital care to citizens, residents and visitors across the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah.