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Workshop designed for firefighters and officers from the management team of civil defense centres

28 Oct 2022

ِAjman, 28 October 2022: National Ambulance, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Ajman, organised a “Mental Health and Peer Support  For Frontliners” workshop targeting firefighters and officers of the Department of Civil Defense centres at the level of regional departments. This comes as part of the efforts to achieve the quality of life in the workplace strategy, which aims to provide a sustainable healthy environment for employees.

The workshop was inaugurated by Col. Raed Obaid Al Zaabi, Director-General of Ajman Civil Defense, in the presence of Lt. Col. Eilan Issa Al Shamsi, Director of Centers Department and Major Abdullah Saif Al Ghafli, in addition to officers in the Civil Defense General Command.

The workshop addressed a range of topics including the definition of mental health, stress and its signs, the negative impact that unmanaged stress can have on employees and employers, how to identify the symptoms of mental health disorders, ways to control stress and treat mental health disorders, and the importance and benefits of peer support.

The workshop concluded with a discussion of the importance of breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues and seeking help when necessary.