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Emergency Patient Care Receives a Boost as National Ambulance Publishes First UAE-Focused Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guidelines receive endorsement from HAAD and MOH

31 Jul 2016

Abu Dhabi, 31 July 2016: Patients receiving emergency pre-hospital care in the UAE will benefit following the introduction of new evidence based Clinical Practice Guidelines. Developed by National Ambulance, the guidelines are the first set of clinical practice guidelines based on international best practice has been tailored specifically for the UAE. Following its endorsement and approval, the guidelines will be used by National Ambulance across the country.

The Clinical Practice Guidelines 2016 took two years to compile with National Ambulance providing the lead on the detailed collaborative work to ensure the best result. Subsequently, it was clinically reviewed by a panel of experts (both international and from the UAE) and underwent extensive legal review to ensure it was compliant with the UAE’s legal and regulatory requirements. Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has endorsed the guidelines, while the Ministry of Health (MOH) has accepted it as the national guidelines for emergency pre-hospital care and approved their use across National Ambulance’s operations. 

Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri Deputy CEO, National Ambulance said, “The Clinical Practice Guidelines we have produced will greatly enhance clinical care and management of patients requiring emergency, pre-hospital services in the UAE. By using the customised clinical practice guidelines, we can ensure consistency across emergency pre-hospital care provision to patients, which lead to better patient outcomes.”

Along with policies and protocols, clinicians use the guidelines to guide them in their assessment and actions in treating patients during emergency situations.  The advantage of clinical guidelines is that they inform clinicians on the best steps to take when treating a patient, while retaining the flexibility of their clinical judgement. 

Al Hajeri added, “These guidelines also reflect our commitment at National Ambulance to provide excellence in that we do. All our clinicians are trained, assessed and monitored using a scope of practice agreed competencies and resulting in authorised clinical privileges. It also reflects the work between partners in the UAE health sector to improve the health of the nation.”

The new guidelines are based on the HAAD-endorsed Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) Guidelines that have been in use for emergency pre-hospital care in Abu Dhabi since 2011.