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Workshop explores the art of leadership and skills of a successful leader

16 Mar 2022

Abu Dhabi, March 16, 2022: National Ambulance, represented by the Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Business Continuity Department, conducted a training workshop in the Fazaa pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai entitled "Leadership Top Ten". The workshop was organised to develop effective leadership skills among employees and to improve their performance empowering them to do their job more efficiently.
The workshop discussed a set of important concepts related to successful leadership which included the leadership of the UAE since its establishment, developing leadership in childhood, qualities of successful leaders, good manners and leaders’ influence on their teams, overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes, working together as a team toward a common goal, and the importance of emotional intelligence and communication skills in dealing with different personalities.
Ali Al Kharusi, Manager of Quality, Health, Safety and Business Continuity, said that the workshop focuses on shaping employees’ leadership skills and motivating them to work together in an environment where team spirit is central. Such workshops enhance employees’ chances for success and helps them become inspiring leaders in performing their tasks and dealing with others, which has a positive impact on the workplace environment, productivity and efficiency levels. 
The workshop was also attended by senior officials from National Ambulance, including,  the Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Al Hajeri, Chief Administrative and Medical Officer, Ayman Ahmed, and members of the Quality, Health, Safety and Business Continuity Management team, who all actively participated in the various discussions and activities during the workshop.