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15 Mar 2022

Ajman, 15 March 2022: Last Friday, a woman gave birth to a baby girl inside an ambulance with the help of National Ambulance medics prior to her transport to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman.

The night of Friday, 11 March, 8:14 pm, National Ambulance Communications Centre received a call for a woman in labour about to give birth. Two ambulances immediately were dispatched and arrived shortly to the women’s residence in Al Rumaila area in Ajman. While the crew were ready for transport, the baby could not wait and the medics helped deliver her in the back of the ambulance. 

Both mother and baby were then transported in a stable condition to hospital to receive the appropriate medical care. 

The National Ambulance team was excited about the arrival of a healthy baby girl and expressed how good it felt to bring a new life into the world.

National Ambulance urges the public to immediately call 998 for similar cases to ensure timely response.