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National Ambulance Enhances Efforts to Promote Health and Safety Awareness in Ramadan

Emergency health provider at full readiness for Ramadan and Eid ‘Safe and Healthy Ramadan’ campaign supports community during Holy Month

29 Apr 2021

Abu Dhabi, April 29, 2021: National Ambulance confirms its continued readiness for the holy month, including the last 10 days and Eid, and is enhancing its awareness efforts as part of its ‘Safe and Healthy Ramadan' campaign launched earlier this month. As part of that, the emergency medical provider will continue to raise awareness of healthy practices for safe fasting, promote safe driving behavior, and urging the adherence to Covid-19 preventive measures for the holy month.


The campaign, targeting community members, focuses on three main elements: promoting a sense of responsibility and care for community and public safety by adhering to the Covid-19 general preventive measures for the month of Ramadan issued by the concerned authorities; raising awareness of recommended healthy practices for a safe fasting during the holy month, as well as reminding drivers and road users to drive safely during Ramadan and to give consideration to others to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. 


Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, Chief Executive Officer of National Ambulance, said: “As we enter the last ten days of Ramadan, I would like to reassure the community that National Ambulance remains at full readiness and heightened levels of preparedness. This comes as part of the proactive measures we have taken to ensure an effective and rapid response to potential emergency incidents that may arise during the holy month and Eid. I would also urge people to continue following and adhering to the preventive measures issued by the concerned authorities and support UAE’s concerted efforts in protecting the health and safety during and after Ramadan as we all move forward towards full recovery and successfully overcoming this pandemic.”



In its campaign, National Ambulance encourages members of the community to adopt good health practices for safe fasting during the holy month, the most important of which is to consult a physician prior to fasting for Covid-19 patients, pregnant and lactating women and people with chronic medical condition. The emergency medical provider also stress the importance for those fasting to follow healthy and balanced diet consuming food in moderate amounts, as well as drinking 8-10 cups of water a day to prevent dehydration, and avoiding eating fatty, fried and spicy foods and reducing the intake of salt and added sugars.


National Ambulance also advise people to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks and substitute them with natural unsweetened juices. It’s advice also focuses on the need to get enough sleep and rest, and the importance of eating smaller portions slowly and chewing food well to avoid feeling uncomfortably full or indigestion, exercise or do light physical activity two hours after breaking the fast to maintain a healthy weight and energy level and avoid sleeping or lying down immediately after Iftar.


With regard to safe driving behaviors, National Ambulance reminds drivers and road users to take extra caution on the road, adhere to the traffic rules and safe and defensive driving practices, be patient and tolerant of others while driving, stay focused and calm while keeping away all distractions, plan ahead and start their journey early to arrive on time and avoid last minute rush or stress. It also calls on drivers to refrain from driving when fatigued, and in the event that this happens while they are already en-route, they must stop in a safe place and take a rest and a little walk to energise, and park the vehicles in the designated places when attending Taraweeh or Tahajud prayers and avoid obstructing traffic.


National Ambulance also remind people to call 998 for emergency ambulance in the Northern Emirates and the importance of acting responsibly when calling upon the vital emergency service to help ensure the efficient delivery of urgent care to those who need it most.


National Ambulance provides urgent pre-hospital care in the Northern Emirates which can be requested through the dedicated 998 emergency ambulance number and NA 998 mobile application. Its primary task is to work on the frontline to provide high standards of pre-hospital emergency medical services for serious illness and injuries to citizens, residents and visitors across the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Qualified ambulance crews combined with an advanced fleet and medical technologies are able to provide the appropriate care for patients in medical emergencies, trauma and public health crisis.