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National Ambulance Supports Rugby Tournament Held at Sheikh Zayed Sports City

10 Nov 2012

Abu Dhabi Nov 10th, 2012: The cooling weather in the city was the perfect time for a game of Rugby. National Ambulance supported the Abu Dhabi Harlequins City Sizes Tournament by providing standby medical coverage at the Zayed Sports City.

The social event saw 22 teams competing all designed to raise funds for charity. NA teams were also among the participating teams. They arrived at the venue with other staff and family members.  Tiffany W., a participating National Ambulance staff, said: ‘We had a great time during the games as we got to know each other’s strengths while using our skills as a team player”.

While National AMmbulance did not make it to the finals, it was a terrific day for all those who made it to the event.