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National Ambulance and AD Ports Group Collaborate to Raise Workplace Awareness of Medical Emergencies and Response

Parties to focus efforts on developing training programmes, as well as elevating public education and community outreach

11 Oct 2021

Abu Dhabi, 11 October 2021: National Ambulance has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AD Ports Group, a global facilitator of trade, industry and logistics to support national efforts to raise public awareness in the field of medical emergency response. Running for three years from September 2021, the two parties will work together to develop training programmes and workplace awareness around medical emergencies and response across a variety of areas. The collaboration will also elevate public education and community outreach. 

Under the agreement, the parties will work to deliver a series of initiatives through training and awareness events. These include cardiopulmonary (CPR) resuscitation, automated external defibrillator usage, first aid emergencies, as well as the implementation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) campaigns. Other initiatives will highlight EMS safety training, activities surrounding ‘Heartsaver’ month, training events, campaigns, emergency exercises, the introduction of an EMS scout programme for teens and CPR training events.

Ahmed Al Hajeri, CEO of National Ambulance, said: “The signing of the MoU with Abu Dhabi Ports marks a critical juncture in expanding our strategic partnerships that are focused on educating the public in Abu Dhabi about health and safety measures and extending our reach to all segments of society. By doing this, we seek to promote community programmes of National Ambulance, which are dedicated to raising awareness about emergency medical services, instructions on how to act in cases of emergency, while also providing targeted segments with the necessary knowledge and expertise on health and safety and means of prevention from work-related injuries.

“By combining the expertise of both organisations, we can ensure that Abu Dhabi Ports personnel and the citizens of Abu Dhabi are equipped with the best global practices for the application of first aid, which plays a vital role in saving people’s lives or mitigating the severity of injuries and complications. This will enable them to effectively respond to medical emergencies and injuries until the arrival of the specialised ambulance teams.” Al Hajeri added.

Captain Maktoum Al Houqani, Chief Corporate Authority Officer of Abu Dhabi Ports, and Acting Head of Maritime Cluster said: “As an organisation committed to health, safety, and supporting our community, we are pleased to announce the start of this new collaboration with National Ambulance. We look forward to working together to prepare our workforce for medical emergencies through the development of training programmes and campaigns.

“In addition to equipping our staff with the knowledge, best practices, and guidelines for responding effectively to emergency medical situations, our work with National Ambulance aims to raise public awareness through community outreach programmes. These will comprise a diverse range of events, including training activities for professionals, family-focused events, as well as an EMS scout programme for teens.”

Under the terms of the MoU, Abu Dhabi Ports and National Ambulance will also form a joint committee to explore new avenues of cooperation, implement proposed initiatives, and oversee the exchange of information