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National Ambulance Participates in Joint Rescue of Missing Child in RAK Yens Mountain

Child saved after being lost for 12 hours

22 May 2021

22 May 2021: National Ambulance participated in a successful joint search and rescue mission for a boy, aged two and 9 months, who went missing from his family for 12 hours in a rugged area of Yens Mountain, Ras Al Khaimah on Friday.

This came as part of the tireless efforts made by a joint search team that included Ras Al Khaimah Police, Civil Defense Department, National Ambulance and the National Search and Rescue Centre, as well as people living in the area and a number of other entities.

At 18:00 on Friday, National Ambulance Communications Centre received a call about the incident and immediately dispatched an ambulance along with a three-member team to the site to provide the missing child with the urgent care required upon finding him. After 12 hours of continuous search, the teams were finally successful in finding and rescuing the little boy despite the difficult terrain and darkness setting in.

The boy was unhurt except for some minor scratches, and was immediately handed over to the National Ambulance team to check on his health condition and provide him with the necessary emergency medical care. The team, accompanied by the child’s father, transferred him to Saqr Hospital to receive further treatment and be put under observation. The child’s parents were very happy and thankful to all the teams that contributed to the search and rescue of their child and his safe return to his family.

National Ambulance urges visitors of mountainous and rugged areas to adhere to general safety precautions and keep children under close supervision to ensure everyone’s safety and minimise the risks of potential accidents and injuries.