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Special Olympics UAE Nominates National Ambulance for the Golisano Health Leadership Award

09 Feb 2021

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, February 9, 2021 – Special Olympics UAE announced today that it has nominated National for the Golisano Leadership Award, which honors champions and their efforts toward fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of the Special Olympics global program. This nomination comes in recognition of National ’s commitment to the wellbeing of the Special Olympics UAE’s Athletes and coaches throughout the last two years. 

Through a strategic partnership since 2019, Special Olympics UAE and National have jointly organized educational workshops and in-person training sessions for Special Olympics UAE coaches and support staff, to provide them with key information and knowledge about First Aid, CPR and AED techniques and effective response measures to medical emergencies and sports injuries that Athletes may sustain during competitions and practice sessions. The collaboration between the two organizations continued in 2020 despite the pandemic bringing live Special Olympics UAE sports events to a halt. A wide range of virtual educational and awareness workshops were organized for coaches throughout the year, amongst which was a virtual awareness program in first aid measures during Covid-19 time provided by National .  

Talal Al Hashemi, National Director of Special Olympics UAE said: “National has been outstanding in supporting our coaches and Athletes with detailed knowledge of first aid, which promotes a sense of safety and reassurance and positions us favorably as we prepare for the safe return to sports activities. We are delighted to nominate them for the Golisano Leadership Award for the United Arab Emirates, for their outstanding contribution to our Athletes and coaching community throughout the last two years.”  

Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, National CEO, expressed his sincere appreciation for the nomination, and his pride in the partnership with Special Olympics UAE which contributes to improving the and wellbeing of People of Determination with intellectual disabilities. Al Hajeri confirmed National ’s ongoing commitment to spread and instill first aid awareness and a and safety culture among communities across the UAE. He also reiterated his organization’s dedication to supporting national efforts that ensure the sustainable integration of People of Determination in society and their safety by enhancing the provision of emergency medical care available for them.  

The strategic partnership between Special Olympics UAE and National has been recently extended for two more years, and under it, a series of innovative virtual sessions will be organized to provide First Aid, CPR and AED training for Special Olympics UAE coaches and trainers. The first joint workshop entitled “First aid in the time of Covid-19”, will take place today at 1:00PM through Zoom, with the participation of 90 coaches from various sports clubs across the UAE and other organizations that support People of Determination. 

The Golisano Leadership is awarded to individual leaders and organizations that support the “Healthy communities” program within Special Olympics program, for their significant contributions to ensure equal access to healthcare, wellness, and fitness for People of Determination with intellectual disabilities. 

The Special Olympics UAE nomination of the National will be evaluated by Special Olympics Middle East and North Africa. With this nomination, National may join several candidate organizations and individuals nominated by the Special Olympics organizations in various regions around the world. These nominees will attend a global event, where the winner for the Golisano Leadership Global Award will be announced during the second quarter 2021.