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Patient’s Life Saved After Heart Stops

10 Feb 2020

Sharjah, 12 February 2020: National Ambulance team, alongside Sharjah Police and Civil Defense, yesterday, responded to a major road traffic accident involving a vehicle and a truck in Sharjah- Khorfakkan road.

The accident resulted in two injuries one of which was critical and the other moderate with the critical trapped inside the truck.

In detail, National Ambulance Communications Centre (ACC) received a call at 13:12 p.m. yesterday about a collision between a truck and a vehicle resulting in two injured people. Immediately the ACC team dispatched two ambulances and one responder, the first of which arrived on scene within 7 minutes from receiving the call.

The passenger, in moderate condition, was immediately treated on scene and transported to the hospital. The crew had to wait to attend to the driver who was in critical condition but trapped inside the truck. The Civil Defense crew needed to cut away quite a lot of the truck to extricate him after which he was attended to by the National Ambulance team. Both patients were transported to Khorfakkan hospital for further treatment.

Ajman, 10 February, 2020: Yesterday, our team in Ajman saved a male patient in his thirties who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and was unconscious with no pulse. The team successfully restored his pulse by performing CPR which resulted in him regaining full consciousness and was coherent and talking to our clinical staff prior to transporting him to Sheikh Khalifa Ajman hospital for further treatment.