Patient’s life saved after heart stops

Patients life saved after heart stops

Ajman, 10 February, 2020: Yesterday, our team in Ajman saved a male patient in his thirties who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and was unconscious with no pulse. The team successfully restored his pulse by performing CPR which resulted in him regaining full consciousness and was coherent and talking to our clinical staff prior to transporting him to Sheikh Khalifa Ajman hospital for further treatment.

In detail, National Ambulance Communications Centre (ACC) received a call at 2:36 a.m. this morning about an unconscious patient who was unresponsive to verbal or physical attempts to wake him. Immediately the ACC team dispatched two ambulances and started giving the caller CPR instructions over the phone until the first ambulance arrived at the patient’s residence within 10 minutes from receiving the call. The patient was treated on scene by our crews and happily were able to resuscitate the patient resulting in the pulse and breathing being restored prior to patient’s arrival to the hospital to receive appropriate medical care. 

Cardiac arrests may lead to sudden death in the event that the patient does not receive the proper treatment in a timely manner.